The Rotterdam Criminology Blog covers a wide range of different topics and research areas relevant to criminology, which are organized by the following themes:

(1)    Media and Culture

Here you can read about the connections between various aspects of culture and criminology, and the role of media in shaping our understanding and experience of crime. This theme covers the (rep)presentation of crime and deviance in media and (popular) culture, including art, films, tv-series, books, music, events, and festivals. This theme also covers theoretical ideas and debates within the (sub)field of cultural criminology.

(2)    Street and The City

This is our Rotterdam-city-centered theme, which focuses on what is happening in our city. However, it also more generally explores the conditions and processes that relate to crime and deviance in urban contexts. Blog posts within this topic analyze themes such as gentrification, post-industrialism, social exclusion and marginality.

(3)    Technology and Cybercrime

The blogs in this section focus on cybercrime and issues related to technological developments. How do we respond to cybercrime? What are effective punishment options for hackers? How does, and can the criminal justice system respond to rapid technological developments such as high frequency trading and artificial intelligence? You can read all about it here.


(4)    Migration and Multiculturalism

Blog posts tagged with this theme focus on state and societal responses to (mass)migration, including asylum policy, border control, and detention and deportation practices. This theme also covers the societal reactions and challenges surrounding immigration, multiculturalism and ethnic relations within the context of globalization.


(5)    Crimes of the Powerful

This theme contains blog posts related to white-collar, corporate, state and environmental crime by powerful global actors. What makes organizations and governments transcend the law? Why and how do they get away with it? How does law enforcement respond to these crimes? This theme covers aspects of the nature, structure, organization and neutralizations, societal and legal responses to ‘crimes of the powerful’.


(6)    Gangs and Organized Crime

This theme covers blog posts on various types of organized crime, such as trafficking in human beings, drugs, and weapons; the construction of cartels; the existence and development of gangs, such as outlaw motorcycle gangs and youth gangs; and the social and criminal justice responses to gangs and other forms of organized crime.


(7)    Radicalization and Terrorism

This theme focuses on radicalization and terrorism in a broad sense. It covers nationalistic groups, extreme right-wing, extreme left-wing, and religiously motivated groups.  How are radicalization and terrorism portrayed in the media and literature? What are societal and criminal justice responses to it? And what are effective ways of preventing terrorism?


(8)    Youth, Criminal Justice and Victimization

This theme covers a wide variety of blog posts related to youth criminal justice, victimology, penology and other criminal justice responses. Read here to find out more about youth crime trends, (effective) ways of responding to youth crime and delinquent youth culture. Here you will also find blog posts related to the involvement and treatment of victims in criminal justice system processes, the (un)intended consequences of (mass) incarceration, alternative and community-based sanctioning, and policing practices.