Gwen van Eijk

Last Thursday, Rotterdam’s city council voted on its Housing Vision, which includes a plan to replace 20,000 affordable homes with 36,000 properties for middle- and upper-income households. The vote is the latest step in the city’s focus on ‘improving’ neighbourhoods, by combining gentrification with rules preventing some low-income households from moving into poorer neighbourhoods.

In response to the Housing Vision, a grassroots movement organized a petition last year, calling for a referendum, which was held on 30 November. While 72% voted against Rotterdam’s housing plan, only 17% of the electorate voted, well below the required 30%.

Together with urban geographer Brian Doucet (EUC) and urban sociologist Marguerite van den Berg (UvA), I wrote about the lessons that can be learned from Rotterdam’s anti-gentrification movement. Read the article that appeared in The Guardian last week here:

Rotterdam anti-gentrification housing referendum

After a period of absence, we are happy to announce that the Rotterdam Criminology blog is back online! Unfortunately, our very own blog fell victim to a phenomenon frequently discussed on this website: cybercrime. Thankfully, we’ve managed to restore the blog in good order, and we can return to providing you with new and interesting content.
The heist of the century. Thinking of a diamond or bank robbery? Art theft? Something à la Money Heist, Ocean’s Eleven or The Killing? Its less glamorous but more harmful than that: the Cum-Ex Files. In this blog post, Anna Merz shortly discusses how the intermingling of state and corporate actors—law enforcement authorities, politicians and financial institutions—has contributed to the (so far) rather lenient response to the scandal, and the preservation of the status quo.
Today, we would like to draw your attention to a ‘sister blog’ of ours: Deviance Incubator. Deviance Incubator is an IMARC student initiative. It contains blog posts written by our international group of master’s students with diverse (research) interests, covering different topics with a transnational scope. […]