In September 2019, the Department of Criminology at Erasmus School of Law welcomed two new PhD candidates: Amr Marzouk and Gwendolyn Geuze! We asked them to write a brief introduction on their background and current PhD project.

Gwendolyn Geuze

My name is Gwendolyn Geuze. I am a Dutch-Canadian who, before moving to the Netherlands, studied and worked in British Columbia, Canada. There I obtained my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and worked as a research assistant for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ‘E’ Division. In this role I assisted in conducting various (interesting) criminal justice and public safety-related research topics. In the fall of 2018, I moved to the Netherlands to obtain a MSc degree in Criminal Justice at Leiden University. Upon the completion of my degree I started my employment as PhD candidate here at Erasmus University. My PhD research focuses on the perceptions and effects of alternative sanctioning in the Dutch juvenile justice system. I will be using both qualitative and quantitative methods. My main research interests are (integrated) criminological theory, alternatives to detention, juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice, recidivism, mixed methods research, evidence-base crime prevention/reduction, effects of sanctioning, and judicial decision making.


Amr Marzouk
My name is Amr Marzouk. I started my PhD in September 2019 studying the governance of cyberspace and cybercrimes in non-western countries. I hold a Bsc in political science from the University of Alexandria, which I followed with a Master in human rights from Ca’foscari University and a Master in Criminology from University of Durham. I worked as a researcher in criminal justice system for a variety of NGOs and universities. My research interests are: cyberspace governance, cyberpolitics, social movements, criminal justice system reform, human rights.

Rotterdam Criminology Blog is also excited to welcome Amr and Gwen as its two newest contributors! We look forward to seeing and hearing about their work in the coming years.



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