Today, we would like to draw your attention to a ‘sister blog’ of ours: Deviance Incubator.

Deviance Incubator is an IMARC student initiative. It contains blog posts written by our international group of master’s students with diverse (research) interests, covering different topics with a transnational scope.

This blog aims to challenge common sense assumptions about the world through a critical approach; provide thorough, academically-informed analysis of recent phenomena; popularise the latest scientific findings; spread knowledge on students’ research interests; and enhance critical thinking and dialogue with their readers!

Recent noteworthy posts include an interesting analysis of the current situation in France in light of the ‘law on Separatism’ and colonial heritage, the perpetuation of the Indian caste system and the election of Russia to the board of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Please take a look around on the blog’s website and see for yourself!

From 14 – 16 May 2023, some of our criminology students and colleagues attended the Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology hosted at the University of Hamburg (Germany). The Common Study Sessions are organised twice a year by variating participating universities and are an opportunity for […]
As part of the criminology master program, students write a blog post on central themes of the course 'Urban Issues, Culture and Crime'. The best posts are selected for our blog. This post is by Julie le Sage who discusses the consequences of modern urbanism for Rotterdam's urban skaters.
Since 2019, Lebanon's financial crisis is taking the headlines of major newspapers. In this blog post, PhD candidate Cybele Atme outlines, in line with many historical analysis, how Lebanon's contemporary financial system has been shaped by colonialism and foreign interests.