The recent Toronto attack has raised concerns on the emerging threat of Incels’ violence. But what does Incel stand for? Is it just about miso-gynistic nerds that hate on women or is there more? In this blog, Léa Massé examines the link between the Incel movement and the radicalisation of identity politics over recent years.
How does IS’ glossy Dabiq help to recruit western Muslims for the violent jihad? What arguments do extremists propagate and what appeal could these arguments have to those who are recruited? These are questions that this blog deals with on the basis of an article that has recently been published in the ‘Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit’.
What may drive an individual to radicalise? In this blog post, Léa Massé explores the existential aspect of Islamic radicalisation.
Vertrekkend vanuit de recente antiterrorisme maatregelen van de VS, bespreekt Jean-Marc Piret enkele taboes en dilemma’s van de terrorismebestrijding.