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Wytske van der Wagen is currently working as a lecturer at the Erasmus School of Law. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Criminology at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam) and hereafter conducted her PhD research at the University of Groningen, which she will complete in the near future.
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In her PhD research, entitled ‘From Cybercrime to Cyborg crime’ , Wytske van der Wagen assesses whether existing criminological theories can be applied on cyber crimes that have a significant technical dimension, such as botnets, ransom ware and (illegal) hacking. In this context she uses insights from Actor-Network Theory (ANT), which assigns a more active role to technology and also considers humans and technology in more hybrid or ‘cyborgian’ terms. By exploring ANT theoretically and empirically, she seeks to make a unique contribution to the criminological understanding of cybercrime.

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